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COVID-19 Update

From 12.01am on Tuesday, 29 June 2021 all persons who live in the Perth metropolitan area and Peel region entered a minimum four-day lockdown to limit any potential spread of COVID-19. All other schools continue using the Phase 5 Operating Guidelines.

24 June 2021

The COVID-19 Ikon content collection is current at all times and the most reliable source of truth.

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Phase 5 of the COVID-19 roadmap

WA transitioned to Phase 5 of the COVID-19 roadmap from 12.01am Wednesday, 23 June. This resulted in the removal of the two square metre rule for businesses and events, as well as the capacity limits for events or venues.

Phase 5 Operating Guidelines and FAQs for schools and residential facilities are available on Ikon.

Enhanced cleaning for Term 3

Additional funding for enhanced COVID-19 cleaning will be provided in Term 3, 2021 in line with the State’s transition to Phase 5. Schools should refer to Ikon for the Phase 5 enhanced cleaning requirements.

The Term 3 funding for additional cleaning time will provide a salary allocation for outside school hours cleaning plus an allocation for cleaning playgrounds and/or play areas where applicable. An additional cash allocation for cleaning products will also be provided. Further information about Term 3 funding is now available on Ikon: Use your Term 3 Coronavirus (COVID-19) additional cleaning allocations.

The following Ikon services will be updated over the next few days to assist you in appointing fixed term cleaners. Please check these services next week before appointing cleaning staff for Term 3, 2021:

  • Increase cleaning staff during COVID-19.
  • Clean schools and worksites during COVID-19.The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) statement on minimising the potential risk of COVID-19 in schools no longer specifically refers to food.July school holidays – Interstate travelIf a staff member travels, they should continue to monitor the website for any changes to travel directions during the holidays and ring the G2G helpline on 13 26843 to confirm their pass is valid before returning to WA.
  • Staff should also consider the following:
  • With the holidays approaching, people will be making decisions about whether to travel interstate. Any Department staff who are considering interstate travel are strongly encouraged to visit the website regarding the process for re-entry into Western Australia, including the application for a G2G Pass prior to departure.
  • Public Health has recently advised that the sharing of food in schools is acceptable provided it is done in a COVID safe way. Please refer to updated Hospitality advice on Ikon for more information.
  • Hospitality
  • When travelling to another state or territory, travellers are required to abide by any travel conditions upon their arrival.
  • Staff will be required to access their existing leave entitlements if they are unable to return to WA when scheduled due to travel restrictions, and are not available to start the school term. Leave options for people in this situation are available on Manage Workforce Absences Due to COVID-19 on Ikon. Enquiries regarding leave due to COVID-19 can also be emailed to
  • Upon arrival in WA, staff will be required to follow any instructions regarding quarantine requirements as they apply at that time.

We recommend staff consider the implications of interstate travel during the student vacation time prior to travel.

COVID-19 vaccination rollout

Find out more about the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in Western Australia. Eligibility to receive the vaccine is based on population groups, as outlined on Healthy WA website. If you are unsure, check your eligibility through the Vaccine Eligibility Checker.

Controlled interstate border arrangements

Western Australia has introduced a hard border with New South Wales following the evolving
COVID-19 situation and outbreak. NSW transitioned from a 'very low risk' state to ‘medium risk’ under WA’s controlled border, from 11.00am, Wednesday 23 June. Travel from NSW is no longer permitted unless you are an exempt traveller.

Public health advice has also been issued for returned travellers from New Zealand and Queensland.

It is important to note that close contacts of a person in self-quarantine (due to testing for COVID-19 or travel) are still able to go to work or school. However, if the person in quarantine develops symptoms and requires a COVID-19 test, their close contacts may need to self-quarantine once the results of the person’s test is known.


COVID-19 Support Contacts

COVID-19 Support Team

Phone support

1800 882 345


Curriculum/Connected Learning

Phone support (8am – 4pm weekdays)

9413 3394


Parent Helpline

1800 882 345


Curriculum/Connected Learning

Phone support

9402 6428







Research from the Telethon Kids Institute shows that young people who consume energy drinks suffer negative health effects.

These include heart palpitations, trouble sleeping or insomnia, headaches and upset stomachs.

These drinks contain a potent source of caffeine, high levels of sugar, sodium and herbal stimulants.

Some young people require medical assistance after consuming these drinks.

In order to keep our students safe and well, Northam SHS is banning energy drinks.

Students who have energy drinks on school grounds are required to hand then to a teacher or put them in the bin.

We ask for your support by not purchasing these drinks for your child and encouraging your child to not purchase them for school.

No Energy Drinks