Our Staff

As Teachers Our Rights, Responsibilities And Code Of Practice Play Vital Roles In The Success And Happiness Of Our School

Teachers will:

  • be committed to ensuring that all students will be successful learners;
  • be committed to the principles of developmental learning;
  • see themselves as learners; they will be prepared to engage in reflective practices and ongoing professional development;
  • collaborate in planning and structuring learning programs;
  • work as part of a team in cross-curricula and cross-year level groupings;
  • work with parents and the community to support students’ learning;
  • model participative processes in their relationships with students and colleagues and will be committed to agreed goals;
  • treat all members of the school community with dignity and respect;
  • be committed to enabling students to develop as autonomous and reflective learners


Executive Staff

  • Principal - Mrs Jodee Vause
  • Senior School Deputy Principal - Mr Richard Kardol
  • Lower School Deputy Principal - Ms Vanessa Fallows
  • Lower School Deputy Principal - Mrs Chantal Gurney-Pringle
  • Manager of Corporate Services - Mrs Suealla Hammer

Head of Learning Areas

  • English - Ms Georgia Sharpe
  • Mathematics - Dr Lynnette McClellan
  • Science - Ms Kimberley Annear
  • Humanities and Social Sciences and Business - Ms Fiona Milisavljevic
  • Health and Physical Education - Mr Jovan Duricic
  • Technologies - Mrs Debra Payne
  • The Arts - Mr Jovan Duricic
  • Student Services - Mr Derek Ringrose
  • Acadamies - Mr Mark Cluning
  • Follow the Dream Program - Mr Joeseph Manning