Vision & Values

Our Core Values
These values underpin all that we do at Northam SHS. We have developed these core values to create a clear understand of what is important, valued and acceptable.

  • Build positive and productive working relationships
  • Implement excellent teaching practices
  • Give trust and respect; and earn the trust and respect of others
  • Promote pride in the school and pride in yourself
  • Act with commonsense – if everyone in the school took the action, would we be better or worse off?

Our Priorities
At Northam Senior High School we have a set of priorities that guide us in all aspects of our learning environment.  These include:

  • Develop students and staff as whole of life learners
  • Provide innovative teaching designed to encourage student centred learning
  • Provide leadership, which empowers staff with the freedom to educate students to reach their full potential
  • Support students at Educational Risk
  • Empower students with the opportunity to be responsible for their own learning
  • Encourage self-discipline as a key to education advancement and social interaction
Our practice is to communicate frequently with parents through phone calls, letters, emails, newsletters and reports to School Council and P & C Association.

We at Northam Senior High School welcome the involvement of our community and we are always available to talk with parents in the interests of excellent outcomes for all our students.

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