Student Services

At Northam Senior High School, we believe that school is not just about education; it’s about empowering students to and allowing them to be confident in their abilities as they grow. We are committed to the wellbeing of students, and we aim to instil this confidence and encourage them to be excited about their future.

We pride ourselves on the wide network of services available to students, and ensure accessibility and inclusiveness for all so that students can receive the individual attention and support they need.  The Student Services Team is made up of number of trained staff in various disciplines who encourage problem solving and conflict resolution through counselling, consultation and communication. They assist teachers in contributing to the welfare of each student, as well as parents and teachers, attuned to their individual needs.

Members of this team include the School Nurse, School Psychologist, School Chaplain, Aboriginal and Islander Education Workers along with our Deputy Principals.

Pastoral Care
Pastoral Care is the role of every teacher, and this is led in each Year group by the Program Coordinators – Derek Ringrose (Years 7, 8 and 9), Alyssa Scott (Years 10, 11 and 12) and Positive Involvement Coordinators - Melanie Polain (Year 7 and 8),  Timothy Luxton-Lawrence (Years 9 and 10) and Mark Aldworth (Year 11 and 12).

School Nurse - Michelle Cordes
Our School Nurse is available two days week one and three days week two for health assessments and to provide information, advice, referral and support services for our students. The presence of a school nurse helps to instil the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices, and helps them cope with health issues. It sets the stage for a lifetime of knowledge, skills and behaviour relating to health and wellbeing.

School Psychologist - Shani Webb and Felicia Reedman
The School Psychologist’s role is to provide support to the school using their experience and expertise in such areas as behaviour management and pastoral care.  The School Psychologist may also provide support by working with students having severe difficulties coping whilst at school.  Such support includes helping students better understand themselves, take responsibility for their own behaviour and undertake skill training so that they may be better able to utilise their skills and strengths in a learning environment.


School Chaplain - Luan Cryne
The School Chaplain’s role is to provide support in areas such as student attendance, engagement and mental health providing students, their families and staff with support and/or appropriate referrals in difficult situations such as during times of grief, or when students are facing personal or emotional challenges.

AIEOs - Lisa Mourach, William Dick, Melanie West and Thomas Nickles 
The Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers provide support specifically for Aboriginal and Islander students.  They aim to reinforce the pride and self-esteem of Aboriginal students in their own cultural identity and encourage participation in post-compulsory studies. They function as a link and resource between the school and Aboriginal community and ensure the needs of Aboriginal students and the Aboriginal community are met through advice and assistance.