Bicycles, skateboards and scooters not to be ridden in the school grounds.  Bicycles should be placed in the bike racks near Room 41. Helmets are mandatory. Students should equip bikes with a sturdy locking device and secure the helmet.  The school cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen bikes. Skateboards and scooters can be stowed securely at the Year Centre.

Student Drivers
Students must apply to the Year 12 Coordinator for a form to be signed by parent/guardian and returned to school.  Compliance to school rules and state traffic regulations is mandatory.

Money & Valuables
Students will not bring substantial amounts of money or valuables to school.  Any money or valuables brought to school should be left in the front office.  The school cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen property.  If property is found it should be brought to the Front Office.

Northam Senior High School is a Smoke Free Zone.

Visitors to the School
All persons, including parents and students enrolled at other schools, who wish to make contact with staff or students on Northam SHS school premises, must report to the front office to sign into the visitor’s book and receive a Visitors badge.

Northam Senior High School has developed a school assessment policy to ensure state wide comparability of assessment and grading.  The assessment policy follows the guidelines set by the School Curriculum and Standards Authority.  Students will be informed of the assessment required at the beginning of each course or unit and the penalties related to the failure to complete the assessment program.

They types of activities which are assessed may include practical tests, examinations, assignments, oral work, class work, essays, critiques, creative writing, practical work, folios, demonstration of skills, models, investigations and others.

Reports and Reporting Schedules

Mobile Phone in Public School Policy

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