Important Information

2021 COVID-19 Update


COVID-19 Update 80

22 July 2021

COVID-19 vaccination

All staff are encouraged to get the COVID-19 vaccine. It is preferred that staff get the vaccine out of school/work hours, however if they are unable to, principals/line managers should support staff to get the vaccine, where possible.

Staff can access accrued personal or sick leave if they experience an adverse reaction. Staff can find out more about the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in WA on Ikon.

COVID-19 contact registers

There has been a change to the legislation covering the management of COVID-19 Contact Registers.

While schools are NOT required to maintain a contact register, schools who choose to do so must follow the requirements for the management of information in COVID-19 Contact Registers addressed by the Protection of Information (Entry Registration Information Relating to COVID-19 and Other Infectious Diseases) Act 2021.

Schools who are making use of the SafeWA app should be aware that this is done automatically, and NO FURTHER ACTION needs to be taken.

Schools who are maintaining a hardcopy contact register must: 

  • keep contact details for 28 days
  • store the information confidentially and securely
  • destroy the records after 28 days as soon as reasonably practicable.To access current advice regarding the quarantine and testing requirements for returned travellers to WA, please check the Controlled border web page. Changes have been made to a number of jurisdictions in WA’s controlled border arrangement. Refer to the Announcements page for the latest updates about each jurisdiction.It is important to note that close contacts of a person in self-quarantine (due to testing for COVID-19 or travel) are still able to go to work or school. However, if the person in quarantine develops symptoms and requires a COVID-19 test, their close contacts may need to self-quarantine once the result of the person’s test is known. 
  • COVID-19 Support Contacts
  • Leave enquiries related to COVID-19, for example, a requirement to quarantine on return from interstate travel or not being able to return to WA due to the Controlled border, are to be directed to your line manager. If further advice is required please contact
  • Controlled interstate border arrangements

COVID-19 Support Team

Phone support

1800 882 345


Curriculum/Connected Learning

Phone support (8am – 4pm weekdays)

9413 3394


Parent Helpline

1800 882 345


Student Wellbeing

Phone support

9402 6428